Re: What no Lobster?

"Ar Q" <ArthurQ283@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

No need to suffer. Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio serves lobster.
Also Bally's Sterling Brunch on Sundays.

When people talk about lobsters without pretext, they mean Maine (Vermont
Canada in that region) lobsters caught in cold water and weighed at least
1.25 lbs.

Correct. What they call lobster in Vegas are big crawfish, or those
Bahamian rock lobsters. I've had real lobster buffet at the Showboat in AC,
but they were steamed to death and very yucky. My guess is that the real
deal is the only item that's still too expensive to get shipped live, and
served at a Vegas buffet. Sterling brunch doesn't count, because it's one
day a week, and it costs as much as dinner in a fine restauant.

JK Sinrod