Re: 99 cent Hot Dog

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 19:30:39 GMT, "Big Mikey" <mikem4454@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I have a friend staying till Friday at the Stardust and she wants to try the
hot dog at Slots O Fun. You are welcome to call me and join us. I am also
thinking of seeing FabFour Wednesday after Donna's recommendation.

By the way, I think the ribs at Ellis Island are better than the ribs at
Tony Romas. I am going to miss the Stardust-especially the Sports Book.

Big Mikey

Those ribs at EI really are pretty good.
Darn good in fact.

As for the Slots of Fun hot dogs.......well, my vacation time in Vegas
is too valuable to risk wasting some of it being sick.