It's a joke. He's not back.

Many Thanks, :)
"Justin Vegas", Don Strevel, Las Vegas, NV.
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"Big Mikey" <mikem4454@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Draw your sword...
> I guess now you can heckle me about now living back in CA? (Burbank to be
> exact.)
> Still drive my "POS" 1996 Toyota. Just got it detailed and it looks
> wonderful! 165K and still humming at 34-36 MPG HWY. My girlfriend bought
> a new Mini Cooper after we sold the RV. She NEVER wants to travel in an
> RV again. The mini cooper is cute but not for me.
> Quite frankly, I continue to hate your guts but I was moved (just a
> little) about hearing about your recent illness. Maybe there is a God.
> Let us hope your soul searching results in bettter behavior. Occasionally
> you write a good review, but that is only when your medicine is working.
> EE continues to blast apart every lie you write about him with his
> girlfriend also in tow. I heard Strevel met with some people and changed
> their minds about him.
> Meanwhie I noticed your weeks worth of retreads and aliases. Getting kind
> of old.
> I continue to live a QUIET life back in CA. You can flame and troll all
> you want but after Friday, I am off the newgroup until my birthday in
> April.
> So long, bubblebutt. Does your neck whistle when you walk now?
> Saving your pennies for taxes, ok? Don't make a fool of yourself again.
> Sis sends her middle finger salute to both Jon and you.
> Big Mikey
> "Chuck.K" <noway@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:MPG.1e231a0213b4164498968e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Awe gee.......... another year gone.
>> Now that Christmas and NYE have passed into oblivion, I once again
>> find myself with a little spare time on my hands (very little), so I
>> thought I'd listen to some of the MANY fine folks who have been
>> keeping me abreast of the goings on in avlv and telling me to get off
>> my ass and pay a little attention.. so....
>> First off, contrary to the specious blatherings of the likes of the
>> WETBACK, strebel and Ace*/Nobody/how many sock puppets can one guy
>> have, my little bout with the surgeons scalpel has resulted in a far
>> leaner, far better me. Other than a few incredibly tiny scars in the
>> midsection, I'm now better than I was at 40. It's amazing what a few
>> days in the hospital, followed by some serious soul searching can do
>> for the now officially AARP qualified me.
>> We spent a couple of weeks in the Caribbean, doing the cruise ship
>> shuffle among the islands, scuba diving, gambling and shopping and
>> returned well rested, well fed, well read and well tanned. Life is
>> good.
>> Back home once again in Las Vegas, it was time to sort through the
>> pile of paperwork from SEMA, get the forms for Barrett-Jackson
>> Scottsdale in the mail and start getting ready for CES. Mix in the
>> grand opening of SouthCoast, watching the NYE fireworks from the
>> outdoor deck at MIX at Mandalay Bay, and spending a couple of
>> enjoyable days (and nights) in a comped room at SouthCoast
>> (trip/room/dining report to follow), along with a number of very
>> enjoyable lunches/dinners with many of avlv's finest, and it's been a
>> very pleasant couple of months.
>> On a more somber note, reading the newsgroup postings from the past
>> few months (all that my news server retained) has shown that some
>> things NEVER change.
>> #1. strebel is STILL the most prolific, blithering IDIOT in all of
>> southern Nevada (and quite probably the entire southwest)
>> #2. PPPORTLYmonkey Masarsky is STILL the most prolific LIAR in the
>> entire United States of America.
>> #3. Cliffy Berman is STILL the most prolific HYPOCRITE on usenet.
>> #4. The WETBACK continues to CLAIM to own half of New Mexico (on a
>> busboy's meager wages), yet just can't seem to get anyone to believe
>> him, yet hiring the hooker to impersonate his girlfriend was
>> priceless.
>> #5. Ace*/Nobody can't figure out HOW to imitate me, let alone figure
>> out how to create sock puppets that don't all trace back to him.
>> Thank goodness that he missed me SO MUCH he had to create his own
>> SOCK PUPPET imitation of me to have something to talk about.
>> Oh well, as Holmes used to say to Watson....... "the game's afoot".
>> Let the games begin............
>> --
>> Chuck


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