Re: Downtown Craps...what's decent?

There are $5 tables all over the place downtown, but the only game with
$3 limits that I could see was at Binions Horseshoe, or whatever it is
calling itself now.

Advice to novice: Avoid all the proposition bets----those high vig bets
in the center of the table.


PrkChps wrote:
> First trip to LV coming up in early 2006. I loooove to play craps,
> and will play for 4-6 hours at a $5 table whenever I go to CT. We are
> staying downtown (group of guys) and I need to know where the best
> joints are for low-stakes craps. Who has the most tables, what times,
> etc. Any advice for a Vegas rookie? I shy away from tables that are
> over $10 (and don't even like them) but a $5 table will have me betting
> $25 per hand and buying odds. Thanks!