Re: Westward Ho! On Cops Tonight!

On 26 Nov 2005 17:48:31 -0800, "traveler" <countryboy_173@xxxxxxxxx>

->Just saw the new episode of Cops in Las Vegas tonight. Had a wacko
->drunk guy there at the Westward Ho. They took him over to McDonalds
->was gonna let him go, but he had to act like an idiot and so he went
->jail. This scene had plenty of airtime with Westward Ho in the
->background. Dang im gonna miss that place.....
Yes, I saw and taped that. I also liked the second segment,
with the two drunk/stoned jerks caught stealing a plastic flamingo
from in front of the Hilton. They kept saying "It was just a college
prank!", like that makes it OK to steal private property. And they
didn't look like students to me. The younger one said he was 25, and
his bud looked about 35. Both admitted to previous arrest records.
Yes, Vegas does indeed attract jerks and jerky behaviour.