Re: Going to Vegas for the first time.

For the record I used to Love CC, but now it is a dump, and definitely not
worth any of the OP time during such a short stay.
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> "Albert Giesbrecht" wrote in message
>> Don't let them put you off about Circus Circus. I was there in 1999, and
>> it's a kids paradise. Just don't eat at the buffet.
> Viseman,, since CC was my mom's favorite casino off all times, I was
> subject to going there several times over the years. (only stayed there
> once back in 2000). And, while you are right about 1999, (and 2000) it was
> not a bad place, in fact had a bit of charm, it has totally changed over
> the last few years. Even my mom will not go back to gamble her favorite
> slots (and she was a die hard). Each year it has gone down hill, with last
> year just horrible. The smell and the crowd was very unpleasant. People
> parked out with kids sleeping in the walk ways, old grandma's watching
> them. Families with 7-8 kids, with kids pretty much just jumping and
> hopping around. It was so hard to walk thru there and the smell,,, oh
> already mentioned that. So I'm agreeing with you that back in 99, it was
> an ok place (rooms were clean and casino decent), that is not the case
> anymore and I thought it was worth mentioning.
> Cheryl