Domestic Violence

I was somewhat surprised to read of the connection between the rate of domestic violence in Mexico and the dwindling desire of Canadians to travel there for vacations. Naturally, I've read the news from Mexico, which seems to consist entirely of reports murders and assaults of a non-domestic nature. Then it occured to me that the writer must have meant 'domestic' in the 'back home' or 'not international terrorist' sense, not in the 'by close relative' sense. It's not clear from the article whether this was a direct quote from the visiting Mexican government representative, but if it was, surely the journalist who wrote the article could have made it clearer.


"Guevara admits Mexico is having its share of domestic violence, but said it’s not as bad as it’s been made to look."

I'm glad I took my very enjoyable trip to Mexico long before the drug violence became commonplace, and either that or my avoidance of shady bars and business deals meant I had only one very minor unpleasant incident during the whole trip.