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"I would think so" means "I expect that that is the case".

"I should think so" (often as an exclamation) means "That's hardly
surprising", or "Of course that's true".

In this case, I believe that Lee is using "should" in the manner
familiar to me - "Of course she's gettin' fat. She eats all the
leftover fingers and ears from the hospital".

Cheers - Ian
(BrE: Yorks., Hants.)

I agree with your interpretation.

Rob (Am. E.)

How about using, in 1935, in AmE, "shall" in the first person, in what
to me is clear futurity?
[Atticus, a lawyer, speaking]

“Gentlemen,” he was saying, “I shall be brief, but I would like to use
my remaining time with you to remind you that this case is not a
difficult one, it requires no minute sifting of complicated facts, but
it does require you to be sure beyond all reasonable doubt as to the
guilt of the defendant.

Marius Hancu

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