Re: Do these lines refer to specific books/movies/etc.?

On Sun, 09 Aug 2009 00:21:04 -0500, msb@xxxxxxx (Mark Brader)

Pat Durkin:
I think you are correct about a war story in which a young recruit is
slapped to bring him out of hysteria. Perhaps more than one. But, for
sure, John Wayne had to slap a lot of women to bring them to their
senses. I just don't associate the "Thanks, I needed that" line, but it
might have been in one or more of the male-to-male therapy sessions.

Don Phillipson:
I'd bet on The Dawn Patrol, a Hollywood film of 1938 ... Fear
is obviously prominent in the story line.

Maybe, but I don't remember it containing a scene like that.

Dave Hatunen:
The Internet Movie Database makes no mention of it under
"memorable quotes".

The quotes section is about the worst part of the IMDB, and anyway,
being slapped does not constitute a quote.

The response to a slap might.

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