Re: Dee Mills, of Surrey, United Kingdom - Follow Up

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Well, BMS on the comments page at

describes Ms Mills as "someone whose country has No [sic] oral hygiene" so I suppose this is a
popular belief amongst Floridians, or maybe just readers of the Orlando Sentinel, or maybe just
readers of Mike Thomas' column. Weird. I mean there is an element of truth in the gibe that lots
of Americans are a tad... big-boned{1}. But all Brits have bad teeth? What's that based on?

The belief is not at all linked to Floridians or readers of the
_Orlando Sentinel_. It's rather universal in the US.

I suspect it's based on movies and television. The first thing
budding American actors do when they go to Hollywood is have a full
set of caps or whatever it is that is done to make teeth look perfect.
British actors don't seem to feel that a brilliant, perfect smile is

I doubt if many of the Americans who joke about British bad teeth are
basing their belief on personal observation of Brits other than the
Brits they see on a movie or television screen.

It's a rather similar misconception to the Brits who believe that all
Americans either live in mansions or hovels based on what they see in
movies and television.


Tony Cooper
Orlando, FL