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Are there any English words with a triple consonant? (I would include
vowels as well, except that I suspect that something onomatopoeical
like "oooh" might be considered a word these days, and I'm not
thinking of that sort of word.) I was thinking that it could happen if
you have a hyphenated compound word, where the first word ends with a
double letter and the second word begins with the same letter, and
then, as often happens, the hyphen is dropped. I would also be
interested in any such hyphenated words, even if the hyphen is still
in place.

Paleooology is the study of old eggs. Not in many dictionaries,
but the Field Museum in Chicago has used it with a straight face.

Oh. "o" is not a consonant. Sorry. Disregard this posting.

That's okay. That's as "legitimate" a triple as any triple consonant
could be if it's really a word. Thanks.

I went looking for it on "OneLook" and did not find it, but I did find
"paleozooogy" in 3 dictionaries. It's the study of extinct animals, a
branch of paleontology.

Hmm, that begs some questions. What is the meaning of the prefix -ogy, [etc.]

Raises some questions?

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