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Probably you have already discussed the topic, but I missed it. As a
of fact, there have always been problems for me to syllabize safely in
English (unless with a dictionary at reach :))
On newspapers or texts, generally, it is very rare to find words split
my dull school knowledge is that, in English, words are to be split
according to their word roots. Am I wrong? In this case it would be a
greater problem to deal with, as English has millions of words...
For instance eng-lish or en- glish? Dic-tion-ary, syl-lab-ize or what?
Anyone to teach me an easy rule to shift to a new line without
A huge thanks for clues about the mystery's solution

I think we have discussed the topic and hyphen usage only recently (in
the past 2 months), but not in any depth. There are publishers' style
manuals that will spell things out in detail. Your examples look OK to
me, but I know that I break some established "rules", or customs for
everyday (informal) writing, because the customs lack logic. (Example.
.. .some syllable dividing customs will not split the "ll".)

I hope others will be chiming in.

I would be interested in knowing how many use the word "syllabize", as
you do.
To me, that means to make or put into a "syllabus", which is
" Definition:

1. outline of course of study: a summary or list of the main
topics of a course of study, text, or lecture

2. U.S. summary of ruling in legal report: a short note that
precedes the report of a decided legal case and summarizes the ruling"

OK, so I learn that you use an accepted word for your meaning.
American Heritage has:

SYLLABICATION: syl·la·bize
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: syl·la·bized, syl·la·biz·ing,
To syllabify.

The rules for dividing words into syllables are usually expressed as the
rules for syllabication. (Some dictionaries have "syllabification")

M-W Online
One entry found for syllabicate.

Main Entry: syl·lab·i·cate
Pronunciation: s&-'la-b&-"kAt
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ing

Pronunciation sih lae bih ket
Inflected Forms syllabicated, syllabicating, syllabicates
Definition 1. to divide (a word) into syllables.

Derived Forms syllabication, n. Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source
syl·lab·i·cate /s?'læb??ke?t/ Pronunciation Key - Show
Spelled Pronunciation[si-lab-i-keyt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA
-verb (used with object), -cat·ed, -cat·ing. to syllabify.


[Origin: 1765-75; back formation from syllabication < ML
syllabication- (s. of syllabicatio). See syllabic, -ation]

-Related forms
syl·lab·i·ca·tion, noun