Re: When do you hyphenate up-to-date?

mike.j.harvey@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Chicago Manual Of Style:-

A compound may be of the made-up-for-the-occasion variety: "The
up-to-date figures were unadjusted." But when these terms are used in
the predicate they are not hyphenated: The compound word was made up
for the occasion. "The unadjusted figures were up to date."

But what about sentences like the following:

The service was family-oriented.

You certainly wouldn't write, "The service was family oriented." Would
you? The normal flow of the sentence doesn't work without a hyphen

That's why I though some uses of "up to date" after the noun its
modifying might require a hyphen.

OTOH, I guess you wouldn't write, "The wheel was sped-up."