Re: What is the meaning of "The Marlboro Man"?

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Leslie Danks wrote:
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I can't find it on my dict..
Any help will be appreciated.

The "Marlboro Man" used to be paid to dress up as a cowboy, ride a horse,
and advertise cigarettes to entice teenagers to take up smoking. He died of
lung cancer.

Unless the context is a story about the actor, I normally would expect
the "Marlboro Man" to refer to the character, not the actor.

Exactly. The "Marlboro Man" was a symbol that portrayed rugged
masculinity and implied that rugged males smoke Marlboro cigarettes.
The actor has nothing to do with the symbol other than that he
happened to visually resemble what the creators of the ad wanted.

Whether or not he was a cowboy or whether or not he actually smoked is
beside the point. There is a certain irony in the fact that the actor
chosen died of lung cancer, but that has nothing to do with the image.


Tony Cooper
Orlando, FL