Re: What does "C'mon" mean?

Jonathan Morton wrote:
Raymond S. Wise wrote:
Andy wrote:
I think it's come on

I am not come from an english speaking nation~

And the meaning of "c'mon" ( = "come on") in the example given by the
original poster is probably one of the following:

From the *Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary* at (the second
entry for "come on," the first being the noun "come-on"):

"*2 a : PLEASE* -- used in cajoling or pleading *b* -- used
interjectionally to express astonishment, incredulity, or recognition
of a put-on"

Yes, and it's often used in the same impatient sense as two syllable
"puh-lease". The accent in that usage is on the "on".

And a trademark phrase of the tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt, when
attempting to gee himself up.