imbedded vs. embedded

AHD and Chambers give "embedded" as the principal spelling and "imbedded" as
a variant.

Upon searching for an article on "imbedded vs.
embedded" I found none, but there was one hit for "imbedded" (by John
Lawler, in, which
also includes "embeddings"). There were 5 hits for "embedded" -- three from
John Lawler, one from Jitze Couperus, and one from Mark Israel.

Searching for "embed* imbed*" at a.u.e in Google groups didn't shake out
anything too exciting.

Googling on "imbed*" and "embed*" gives 60+:1 i.f.o. "embed".

So... is "imbed*" vs. "embed*" a pondial thing? A generational thing?
"Imbed*" is an emergent standard use? Why prefer one to the other? Und so


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