Re: MLB on FOX no longer 4:3 safe

On Jul 29, 3:42 am, nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alan) wrote:

  In addition to cameras, they would need to get new news truck
equipment, as all the equipment in the truck is probably standard def
only.  This includes the recorders, editing equipment, switching
equipment, monitors, modulators, transmitters...  basically, a whole
new news truck.  Then they also need to get new receivers and related
equipment at the station end, and all new equipment at any intermediate
relay points.

  This stuff is expensive, so while the expense is an issue, it is a
reasonable one.

What gets me is that WDIV News can do live HD, but any sort of pre-
taped footage is SD. HD DVR is easy enough technology, so what's
preventing that upgrade?

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