Re: Raising the bar for LCD-based flat panel HDTVs

Tim wrote:
John McWilliams wrote:
Tim wrote:
UCLAN wrote:
With 240 Hz screen refresh and LED local dimming backlighting, the
LG raises the bar in terms of picture quality and features for
LCD-based flat panel HDTVs.

LG’s latest premium LED backlit flat panel HDTV series is pretty
much loaded to the gills with the latest LED backlighting
technologies, video signal processing systems, and of course,
internet connectivity for instant streaming of movies, TV shows and
music tracks. Compared to earlier generation local dimming LED
backlit flat panels, this latest LG, while not the thinnest out
there, is still substantially thinner than some others, with a depth
of just under 1½”

How does a 240 Hz refresh rate help when the HD specs only produce up
to 30 frames per second at 720p?

It helps mainly in sports, not in movies in general.

But how? Refreshing the same frame multiple times won't help reduce the
blur, will it? In what way?
Is the blur part of the HD signal or part of the TV's handling of the
And what about refresh rate?

Video Games can produce frames faster that 30 fps ...