Re: Raising the bar for LCD-based flat panel HDTVs

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I read them, but when I see something like this:
And then when I remove the "?src=Playback", the link works just as well:
I have to ask what the extra information "?src=Playback" is being
used for, and why the plain link without the extra information wasn't
just posted?

Playback is the e-magazine distributed by the folks. Many
of the
articles in Playback refer the reader to the main article at When
you access the AVGuide article from Playback, the added notation
appears on
the link. Now, isn't that sinister?

Not sinister, but as I suspected the entire link is in the form of an
affiliate link, whereas the shorter form/general link removes the
affiliate information but still works just as well.

Sorry I'm late to this party.

The 240Hz refresh rate is mostly a marketing gimmick. There will always be some people with eyes sensitive enough to detect a difference in 240Hz over 120Hz, but even then, the difference is only apparent in highly specific situations. For the vast majority of eyes and in the vast majority of content, 240Hz makes no difference other than its advertising value.

That said, a 240Hz refresh rate makes it possible, on paper at least, to have two 120Hz signals for 3D viewing.

Despite all, it does seem that 240Hz is becoming a norm on LED televisions. No harm in that, I suppose, as long as the television can consistently create accurate interpolation.