Re: Using a DTA, but also want HD

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I may try the splitter. It isn't the DTA I'm too worried about, as most
of the simulcast channels are super strong (9-10 bars on TV.) The HD's
are weaker, showing about 5 bars. Those same frequencies are also used
by some of the DTA channels for the matching broadcast subchannels (such
as Universal Sports paired with the NBC HD). I'll have to do some
experimenting to see if there are any issues.

Again, I was just wondering if there was something simple already out
there, just in case I had a problem. Plus, it would be a bit cleaner
than all the cables connecting everything.

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Try a directional coupler instead of a regular splitter. Common 2 way
splitters send a little less than half the original signal (-3.5dB) out of
each port. Directional couplers send almost all of the signal out one port
and little out of the other. For example an SVI model DC-6 has a tap port
with 6dB of loss and an out port with somewhere around 1 dB. Hook the DTA to
the out port and the A/B switch and TV to the tap port.


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