Re: Hi-def on a monitor

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The attached 2.2GHz Pentium PC has a Hauppauge USB tuner that's barely
adequate, live TV only displays well in small windows. Is there a good
internal HD tuner card for a mobo with only PCI slots, no PCI-E or

There's one that is good for older, slower computers running XP or
even 98SE: MyHD MDP-130. Long out of production and hard to find new.
It's old tech, the tuner isn't as good as recent ones and the card and
software don't play well with newer hardware and OSs. But it's the
only card I know of with its own MPEG-2 decoder in hardware and its
own video output independent of the computer's video system. That
means the CPU usage is drastically reduced and the computer's video
capabilities don't matter as long as they're good enough to use the
MyHD's control panel. 2.2 GHz is overkill; 800 MHz is plenty.

Del, the MDP-130 appears to be still available at
Nice price drop, down to $119 now.

It's been a beauty, one of the best pieces of video hardware I've owned.

But it's a shame MIT hasn't made a version that will work with MPEG4 files.