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I disconnected the cable five years ago. I live out in the Valley where the
area is pretty flat terrain. I live about 40 miles away from the major tv
stations and get them all on a outdoor antenna. Don't miss them since I had
disconnected them. Watch the cable rates rise LOL. Don't want to pay $ 60..00
a month for tv when I can get for free.My antenna paid for itself a long
time ago.
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Just curious how many people in this group subscribe to cable, as well as
get a signal over the air? �I am fed-up with my cable company (Cox).
They're moving anything worth watching (even C-Span) to the digital tier.

Just curious how many people somehow get through life with just an antenna
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We live in a valley in Northern California where there is no OTA
television reception. Everything we get is via DirecTV, which
distributes the networks as LA stations. Free would be nice, but it
is not possible here.