Re: VCR record/play with digital tuner

Chill Out wrote:

These all have digital audio outputs, but aren't coupon eligible:

Panarex TR-100
PrimeDTV PHD-100, PHD-205
Samsung DTBH260F
Samsung SIR-T451
Sylvania 6900DTE
Tivax STB-T1
Winegard RC-1010

Thanks for the list. I'll check those out.

Ouch!!! I see now, as someone else mentioned, I have the FCC or Congress to thank for eliminating digital audio output from the coupon program. Must have been the HDTV manufacturing lobby payoff to boost HDTV sales.

Either that or the fact that the CECBs were only meant to make analog TVs
work the same when analog transmission ends as they do now. Do you know of
any analog TVs with digital audio outputs?