Re: Vizio - Great Deal or Subpar Product?

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Jim Wilkins <KB1DAL@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's the largest size that fits the remaining space on the top
of my computer table, and it can display 1080i, or at least
more than
the 720p of other small HDTVs, which at 768 high are no better
than a
15" monitor. The difference is clearly visible to these 60+
year old
myopic eyes at PC monitor distance.


I've been thinking abt buying a 32"
1080p TV set for use as PC monitor

Would that work out ok? The size and
1080p that is?

I'm using 42" LCD 1080 displays as PC monitors. On one system,
I was running two monitors, the other a 17" placed on a desk.
The 42" displays are great for sitting comfortably in an easy
chair about 7' away and using a wireless keyboard. The most
significant problem with this is Microsoft's own ignorance of
their accessibility *specs* in that some window components can
be enlarged by the OS, others can not. Many components enlarge
poorly - illegibly. The programmers who create the windows have
even more ignorance of the specs. For example, zoom the IE7
window for NetFlix and hover over a title to see the detail.
The detail pops up off-screen. Zoom many other windows
containing text and the text width, being unbounded, expands
beyond the screen. Yet some windows work just the way you'd
hope, so it's obvious that it can be done. You can twiddle the
OS params for text/font and make some headway, but it's mediocre
at best. Using OE for newsgroups, it's possible to set a font
size to read without my glasses at 7'. Likewise, an IE7 zoom of
30% to 50%, depending upon the page design, works similarly.
Customizing the desktop produces readable navigation windows and
icons, but many sub-systems refuse to obey those parameters and
either a magnifier or a trip from the chair to myopically view
the screen is necessary. And mind you, I'm nowhere near *blind*

One thing that's clear is that programmers, sitting at whatever
size monitors barely 2' from their nose, remain clueless as to
what their window content will look like when tweaking the OS
params and viewing either from a distance or through handicapped

Scaling, scaling, scaling! Few know what it is, few of them
take the extra steps in their coding. Yet the tools are there.