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So turning some sort of profit in a capitalistic society is your idea of

But are you saying the buggy whip manufacturers are owed business? That
my availing myself of that fancy "automobile" technology is abusing the
buggy whip manufacturers?

Things change. No one is owed business. If the model goes away, they
come up with some other way to get what they want.'s more like you drive an automobile but you don't want to pay for the fuel and you somehow believe that anyone who does pay for fuel is stupid because you are able to run your car off the fumes of others.

I don't understand this analogy... in that I have no problem paying for the fuel I use in my car - I don't prefer to have commercials foisted upon me as some sort of obligation before I'm offered the opportunity to purchase the fuel. But, for the sake of being clear, let's assume there is some sort of obligation to watch a commercial or two before the pump dispenses my requested amount of fuel. It's the obligation that's so wrong. If, OTOH, I can pay a slightly higher price for the fuel if I choose to not watch the commercials, then fine, bill me for the higher 'no commercials' price.

I'm with you on paying the higher price....just seems that Shag Nasty wants it for free or at least at the expense of the "idiot" others because he somehow feels he's smarter than the rest of us.

What I fear is that the pay extra model will not work and will reduce the amount of non-mainstream programming available. Narrowcasting has financial limitations and without adequate financial incentives the programming will not be created nor distributed.

I absolutely agree with your assessment, and I'm just saying I'm willing to pay for no commercial service, if one should be offered. I'm not expecting anything for free, program producers have to have a revenue stream, else they're in the bread line. I recall the reason I signed up for cable TV in the beginning - no commercials on the channels I wanted. There were other channels with commercials included in my service, but I never watched those.

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