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The networks believe you are stealing the programs since you are not
watching that which is paying for them.

And my daughter believes in Santa Claus.

How's this sound: you go get a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills,
then go to the mall and start handing them out. Then tell the police
that all those people stole those bills from you.

Don't you care for anything on advertising supported television

I do.

I just think that the advertisers have gone too far with the model. So,
I simply don't participate in THEIR model.

You know, I can watch current stuff on Hulu and on the networks' own web
sites--and, funny thing, they don't have anywhere near the commercials
as when the same show is put over the air or over the cableco wires.
Huh. I wonder why that is. Maybe because even the industry knows
they've gone over the edge?

Hardly. It's simply a version of bait and switch.

or do you
have a better idea for how that programming should be paid for?

Maybe they're charging TOO MUCH for it? And since they're handing it
out on the honor system, and have been DESPITE knowing that technology
exists to make their honor system fail badly, then we all know what's
unspoken: they know what's going on but don't care.

At some
point if the advertisers aren't getting a return the producers will have to
look for other sources of revenue or the programming will go away.

Change happens. That's not a BAD thing.