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Here's what I think may well happen... local broadcasters, depending on
advertising revenue to augment their production/transmission costs, will
eventually lose enough viewers they won't be able to keep the lights on.

The more recent push to collect money from re-broadcasters (cable and
sat) will become the norm (via carriage agreements), and instead of
'free' OTA programming, the OTA transmitter facilities will be sold as
scrap, and *all* viewers will be paying something to their provider for
the privilege of receiving the programming from those sources, just like
they already do from other sources available from their provider, ie.
ESPN, CNN, TBS, Discovery, etc - we'll still have ABC, CBS, NBC
networks, and they'll all still have stupid commercials, and we still
won't watch them. So, they'll piss and moan for more carriage money,
and we'll pay even more for the programming, but eventually all
commercials will die a natural death. All programming will be sold ala
carte, everyone will get paid, and everyone will be happy - but if, and
only if, they provide quality programming so that enough people would
*want* to pay for it. If they can't or won't do that, then they sell
all the used furniture and die. Then, some other program provider will
take their place on the transponder, and hopefully they'll have a clue
about how to be respectful to my family and I with the programming they
offer. Then, will all be back to the way it was in the before time -
commercial free programming that I'm willing to pay for.

What will happen with all the OTA spectrum? I don't care. Maybe they
can use it for the mobile TV crap that Bob is so het up about. Not that
I'll ever use it.

Many things your predict are certainly possible. I don't care much for a lot
of what the networks broadcast via my local affiliates but I do care about
news and public affairs programming and I think it will be a big loss if
local news goes away or becomes a pay per view experience that I believe
would have greater negative consequences than the current ratings system has
on content. We'll just have the fire/disaster/crime channel with traffic and

Now once again I will reiterate that I do not care for many commercials but
when I read the description of your approach to life and media I have to say
that if everyone had been doing what you do for the last 10 years I don't
think many of the shows or publications you enjoy would still exist. And
it's only a matter of time for your blessed online sources of programming to
start adding more onerous advertising that may be far more difficult for you
to avoid.

I especially agree with this last part. When it comes right down to
it, online is too tempting a venue NOT to advertise on. If other
venues disappear then online advertising will become onerous. One
might only look at USATODAY online to see how po pup advertising has
proliferated. Right now you can skip to bypass but that won't always
be the case.