Re: Blu Ray or HD player ?

Howard Brazee wrote:
On Sun, 23 Nov 2008 10:11:10 -0600, Jer <gdunn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

All movies transferred to DVD are 'cheated' to some extent - more so for blu-ray given it's increased capacity for detail. For legacy analog material, there's a lot of 'cheating' going on, especially for gamma levels and noise filtering during the master analog scan conversions to digital - if was a sloppy transfer, then it's a crap shoot on the consumer end.

I find it's interesting that my TV has a not-easily accessible setting
for various types of color - such as sports, movies, standard... I
figure some people find the brightest picture and use that all the

I wish sufficient people liked high fidelity to make that the
standard. We hear the same thing with songs recorded with high gain,
making it hard to hear snare drums and such. Or people satisfied with
phone fidelity.

Consumer tweaks are just that, consumer level, and that's all those settings are for in the TV's consumer menu. There are additional settings in the TV's maintenance menu that consumers ought to avoid because screwing those up are a nightmare to fix. Having said that, consumer TV products are supposed to be factory tweaked to be 'close enough' so that any additional adjustments via the consumer menu allows the consumer to make things 'right' for subjective selves. Some consumer menus, like yours, offer tweaks that approximate certain settings predicated on profiles for various types of material, but these are more guesswork than anything else, yet have proven helpful for consumers that don't know what to do with something more complicated than that. Yes, most consumers that see those settings will play with them to a point of subjective satisfaction and leave them alone afterward. They're happy and that's all that really counts.

OTOH, there are those of us who prefer to use a calibration process predicated on what 'should' be correct by using standardized gamut charts made available by people who are a tad smarter than us (Avia being my personal choice). Every system needs tweaking (system = DVD player + amps + speakers + display), the question is... which control and how much, and will I like the results afterward. I think of the video component and audio component as equal parts - it's a system, every room is different, and the system is tweaked to fit the room correctly according to what the experts say, not what I say. I want my system to reproduce the program the way it was meant to be experienced, not the way I think it should be experienced. If I don't like something, it's because the material was stupid, not me, nor my system - and no amount of adhoc tweaking will convince me the material is better than it is.

I'm just a consumer like anybody else, but I also understand that the directorial and relevant production staff produced a product for reasons I may not always understand, but I accept their product within the intent and context it was provided - audio and video - and yes, OAR only. Once I've calibrated the system, the tweaking is over, and I'm satisfied with the results here.

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