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I became intrigued by this discussion and decided to try to get a more
definitive answer. I called Sony Customer Relations (800 222-7669).
It seemed that I was connected to their Southeast Afghanistan Call
Center, but, after a few hold-time segments totalling about ten
minutes, the representative came back with the following explanation
(accent deleted):

"The BDP S350 and BDP BX1 are identical with the exception of the BDP
S350 having a Dolby True HD decoder built-in"

This totally supports your position. However, because I was not 100%
convinced by the way things progressed on my call, I've sent the same
question into the Sony support site via email and will report back
when I get that response. For now, I'll take the Call Center person's
explanation as correct. There does appear to be a difference. I do
find it questionable that it would be economically feasible to
manufacture a different product just for the warehouse club market
segment. Ron Stewart's statement that the two instruction manuals are
identical seems contradictory to what I was just told. We'll see what
I get in writing from their (hopefully) US-based support group.

While one would hope that tech support has a clue, sometimes you wonder.

When the S300 first came out there was much discussion about TrueHD as
the book seemed to say that it did it, but many swore it didn't.

It didn't support from the standpoint of doing the full decode of TrueHD
at all. But tech support in phone calls and email sent out differing
answers, from 'yes it fully supports TrueHD' to 'no, it doesn't' and
everything in between.

So your answer may turn out to not be correct, or not... :)

Congratulations on your prediction. I received the following response
from the Sony Style Concierge (that's the actual job title used):

"Yes it is going to be the same model. We always use separate model
numbers for the Costco models, however often times it is hard for us
to get information using the costco model numbers. This model is
however the exact same model as the BDP-BX1. As you said the only
difference is an HDMI cable included. If you have any further
questions feel free to let me know."

The preceding is an exact quote from the Sony response. And yes, I
will go back and ask about the Dolby TrueHD decoder built-in. More to
come soon.