Re: Headphone amp for a lcd hd tv.?

"MES Jones" <pygar77@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I watch a lot of late night tv with headphones.
I just bought a nice lcd tv that has analog audio outs for my older amp.
However, I don't want to wear out my old friend buy running my tv for
hours on it so I want to get a little headphone amp to conect to the tv.
( I just want to hit myself in the head when I think of all the
unnessisary hours I have already used up)
I saw a "Behringer HA400" listed cheap, and was wondering if anyone
knows anything about using that for this application? (good thing it's
cheap cause I am now pretty much broke)
My sharp tv (32sb24u) has no specific info on the audio output.
(impedance, level in milliamps etc. ) TIA, mes.

p.s. I have all the hookups figured.

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