Re: Hard drive hooked to cable box

<rfdjr1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just found out from my cable company, that although they don't advertise
fact, the Scientific Atlanta DVR box they use will hook up to an external
hard drive. I also see that Western Digital makes an external drive which
compatible with this box so I'm thinking of getting one. 500Gb for $199
seem like a bad deal. My question is, if anybody out there has used a
drive with
a box, is can you tell the box which drive to record to? This way, if it's
something I want to keep for a while, I'd prefer to store it on the larger
drive. Thanks.

I have an external eSATA connected to my SA8300HD. Where a program is
recorded is totally under control of the DVR. And you can't move the drive
to another DVR and play archived programs.


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