Re: Autoscan doesn't find digital broadcast channels

"Ray K" <raykosXXX@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
For this test, a Vizio 32" set is directly connected to the
Comcast cable as it enters the house. (Normally the input
cable goes to a 2-way splitter, with one output going into
Comcast's set-top box, which feeds the TV.) In activating the
Auto Scan feature to select the available channels, 73 analog
channels were detected but none of the digital channels were.
Before starting the scan I selected Cable, not Antenna, as the

Another HDTV, connected to the other output of the splitter,
detected the OTA digital HD channels. (Again, there is no
Comcast box feeding the second set.)

Sounds like I have a problem in the Vizio TV. Any other



I don't have a Vizio, but my tuner's scanner has separate
options for scanning cable analog and cable digital; likewise
for OTA. These are checkboxes, so it will scan both, digital
first, when both are checked. Is there any such option in this