Re: Sony XBR960 vs all

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Sony XBR960 vs all
Group: Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2007, 4:09pm (CDT-2)
asifid...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Adysthemic)
Yeah size is cool, but I haven't seen ANY TV,
so far,
that even comes close to my little XBR.

Im like in the same boat with a 36xbr800.
I cant seem to find a set that wows me enough to shell out the
cash. I
even have the go-ahead from the wife. She wants a "thin set" like
sister has (50" sony plasma). I like my PQ more than the plasma

I said the same about CRTs a few years ago but since there are none to
be had, find something you can live with. When we got the DLP I was
bemoaning the blacks and went to work unhappy that first Monday and
was all set to stay unhappy when Jay Leno came on. I looked at his
black suit and just _knew_ it would be blacker on the CRT and then I
noticed the shadow from his arm onto the torso. Wait a minute, maybe
these blacks aren't so bad. It's like when you get a new car and the
stereo sounds 'wrong'. A lot of it is what you are used to - and some
are used to pretty awful. Haven't you seen a friends or relatives TV
and said to yourself 'I'm glad that isn't mine' but they're happy with
it. Same here.

Some of the Sharp and Samsung flat LCDs are pretty impressive. Sorry,
I don't do Sony any more.