test results Re: Newbie question: Why do regular cable channels look really bad on my HDTV?!

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On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 14:44:35 -0400, "riggor"
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Is there only one cable from the box in your yard to inside your house
for both cable TV and cable modem Internet access?

Yes - but it's from the pole right to my house

So they split the signal between cable modem and cable TV inside your
house. presumably at the cable modem.

Correct .. actually a three way split. I have an amplifier, that was not
allowing 2 way communication to the DVR - so they split one to the DVR, one
the cable modem, and one to the amplifier that feeds the rest of the house.

I did a test ... I connected the cable directly to the TV thus eliminating
the DVR, set the TV for cable & analog, and did an auto scan. I only got
expanded basic (of course) analog channels 2 through 98.

Results .... it sucked. I am guessing the omission of the amplifier has
weakened the signal, and/or the signal is just bad .... and the TV has such
a high resolution display ... that the result show really bad images (think
bad "you tube").

Comcast is coming back out Monday.