Deja Vu All Aver Again

In the past few days I have experienced an "information overload" with
respect to HDTV. Now I am experiencing what Marshall McLuhen called
"Pattern recognition":

[His famous saying "Information overload leads to pattern recognition"
is as true today as it was when he first enunciated it several decades

However along with pattern recognition comes a nasty case of Deja Vu.
I have seen these patterns many times before and this time I feel
upset at what I am seeing.

This whole HDTV scene smacks of Early Adopter Syndrome. Despite the
fact that it has been around for a while, it still has the look and
feel of early adopter.

Before I retired from 45 years of science and technology, most of
which was in the computer sciences area, I had to be an early adopter
to maintain the proper level of techno-machismo. That's where you and
your colleagues share your experiences with the latest technology. If
you come up short in that display of alpha-masculinity, you will be
shunned from the really productive brainstorming sessions, and your
productivity will suffer.

If, however, you bought all the latest goodies, even though you know
most of it would end up in the Goodwill dumpster, you were on the
bleeding edge in the eyes of your peers. However, after a lifetime of
that, I no longer am an early adopter simply because I do not need to

But I can spot early adopter syndrome when I see it. It has the same
characteristics as every instance before - half-baked equipment that
falls apart early and could become completely obsolete in the next

So at this moment, I am going to pass on "upgrading" to the latest
HDTV equipment and wait another cycle until at least the Fall of 2008
- one year from now. The mandated switchover to digital signal
technology should be sufficient incentive for the manufacturers to get
off their lazy asses and put out something that will last longer than
a beta tape player.

I am told the best bargains in new electronics come just before the
Super Bowl, so late the first months of 2009 should be the time to
jump in. The sole exception would be a CRT HDTV with digital tuner and
720p. I do not believe anything can match the picture quality of a
CRT, not even DLP. And it lasts longer than 10 years with no
degredation in overall quality.


"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
--Benjamin Franklin