HDTV Questions

I tried to find the answers to some simple questions on the web but
did not get anything useful. So I am going to ask you, the experts.

We sit about 6 feet from the TV set straight in front of it. Another
popular viewing location is about 12 feet away at an approximate 45
degree angle.

My first question is what size LCD set should we get - 26/27" or 32".
My concern with the 32" set is pixelation - I do not want to see any
pixels at 6 feet viewing distance.

If 26/27" will provide the HDTV experience then it would be acceptable
based on lower price. We are watching a 19" CRT TV now and it works
for us with conventional aspect ratios. But it really sucks with HD
aspects so we need to upgrade.

Thanks for your comments.


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