Re: TiVo Series 2 & 3... More Bugz in Series 3...

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Will phone TiVo Tech Support and ask WHY isn't there a "Recently
deleted folder" on my new TiVo Series 3 so I can recover a recently
deleted program?" Why doesn't one "self create" when the first show
ever recorded is deleted? Where is this issue discussed in the User


you will get an update in a day or two to your new S3 and it will add
the RECENTLY DELETED folder (as well as fix a number of other known

Friday, June 22 2007, @ 1:07 PM (-0800 GMT)

Thank you for the info - I appreciate it!

Why is it that if (say) TiVo manufactures 53,371 boxes to sell, at
anywhere from $595 to $795 each, plus service. Why do they then put
them in a "freezer," then pull them out one at a time to ship to

Instead, why don't they pull one out, give it to a technician on a
bench, turn it on to see if it works, "as advertised," and then
INSTALL all the latest up-dates just before shipping?

I can't understand why they won't do that? Why should an unknowing
customer, whose just shelled out several hundred $$ have to be
aggrevated by a box full of bugs, not knowing when or if any will be
fixed? That seems to me a very poor way to do business and treat your

O.K., I'll get down off the soapbox.

'cause that takes human time and attention, and is therefore expensive.
One of the first things the TiVo's going to do when it calls home is
fetch that very same update, so that problem "fixes itself" essentially
for free.

The decision to check for DOA is made mostly by looking at return rates.
It takes a certain amount to time (and therefore money) to deal with
getting a DOA return and it IS more than the testing time, but only a
small number of the units going out the door will be DOA. As long as the
number of DOA units is low enough to make the total amount of time spent
handling the returns lower than the amount of time testing EVERY unit,
then the return method will be used.

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