Re: TiVo Series 2 & 3... More Bugz in Series 3...

On 2007-06-22 15:15:21 -0500, Jim <mwsoft@xxxxxxx> said:

Why is it that if (say) TiVo manufactures 53,371 boxes to sell, at
anywhere from $595 to $795 each, plus service. Why do they then put
them in a "freezer," then pull them out one at a time to ship to


I don't see them as any different from Dell or even Apple. These manufacturers produce (and test) a working disk image and use that in the manufacturing process. It takes them a while to make a new image and certify it.

As an 8-year Tivo owner, I agree Tivo seems a bit slow in updating their production disk image.

When you get version 8.3.1-01-2 you should see an improvement in quite a few areas.