Re: All 4 channels for HD?

My local PBS (Baltimore, Maryland) has 22-1 22-2 22-3 22-4 22-5 as stations.

Normally 22-1 is SD repeating the analog transmission.
Then either 22-2 is broadcasting in HD OR 22-3 has childrens SD, 22-4 has select repeats in SD, and 22-5 has educational in SD.

So the implication is that at least as it is setup here they can have 4 SD channels or 1 SD and 1 HD channel at any one time.


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A question for the gurus. The local PBS station (KOCE)in Orange County, California just settled a battle with a Christian group over ownership of the station.

The station will remain a PBS station, but they are giving the Christian group one of their 4 digital channels.

Does that kill high definition broadcasting for KOCE since they will lose 25% of their digital bandwidth?

Well, I'm no guru, but I do watch KOCE in high-def. If they are giving up one of the 4 digital channels, that means they will still have 3 channels left.
One of their channels, I forget which number, only displays short snippets of Orange County history, most always in black and white, and the program are constantly repeating. I would guess that this format would be the one that would be eliminated.

In short, I don't think you will notice the difference, IMHO.

Robert A. Cunningham