DirecTV HD?

When is DTV gonna have their promised '150 channels of HD'?

Been holding off on a nice 50 inch plasma until DTV gets it going...

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  • Re: DirecTV HD?
    ... Been holding off on a nice 50 inch plasma until DTV gets it going... ... Look here for the announcement of 100 HD channels in 2007... ...
  • Re: BAd News!
    ... 8-VSB/HDTV is just continuing the trend of killing off local over-the-air television broadcast for in-home use, and completely destroying its use in mobile applications. ... It started years ago as cable offered better reception for analog TV with fewer hassles than antennas. ... And satellite that includes local channels direct from the satellite provides another option. ... And, as far as accessing the existing DTV channels, they could all be unnecessary if the modulation for local OTA HDTV broadcast actually worked well, AS WAS INTENDED. ...
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    ... the broadcasters, NOT the FCC. ... They had just seen channels 70-83 ... both Japan and Europe went to DTV first. ... The broadcasters were clueless and were desperately ...
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    ... time to start shutting down the channels that lose money. ... switch to DTV, and I am in Hurricane country. ... three TV stations. ... I have about 60 feet of tower in storage ...
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    ... I've been Googling the DTV transition assignments, ... I'd also like to have a list of stations which switched to UHF channels ...