Re: Distortion of large screen HDTV

Was the tv displaying an HD source or an SD picture that was stretched and cropped to fit? If your friend wasn't using component cables, HDMI or the ATSC tuner in the TV than it wasn't a true HD picture. I have an uncle that bought a 48" DLP HDTV and decided to forgoe the HD connections. I explained to him that he wasn't taking advantage of the the TV's capabilities, but he doesn't care, he's happy with it.

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This past week end I watched the Masters golf tournament on a friends
60" HDTV. There was a significant amount of distortion in several

The golfers very often looked abnormally short and wide. Sometimes
the view of the gallery showed a lot of very short and very wide

I did not mention this to my friend since he was so happly with his
new TV.

Was the TV out of normal adjustment or is this a normal wide screen
factor that I had noticed when looking at big screen TVs in the store?