Re: do I need a surge protector?

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Let's return to Jane's TV. Assume your 330 volts protector is
adjacent. A surge comes down all AC wires seeking earth ground. Your
protector may or may conduct surge current from one wire to others.
Will that surge seek earth ground down a safety ground wire that is
now charged at something less than 12,000 volts? Not when surge has a
better path to earth, destructively, through Jane's TV and coax cable.

All interconnected equipment needs to be connected to the same plug-in
suppressor, or interconnecting wires need to go through the
suppressor. Other external wires like cable TV, phone, ... also need
to go thorough the suppressor. The voltage on ALL wires (power and
signal) to protected devices is clamped to the common ground at the

Multiport suppressors are described in the IEEE guide at:
And the NIST guide at:

plug-in protector too far from earth ground and too close to TV does
not even claim to provide protection.

Complete nonsense.

Worse, that plug-in protector
costs $25 or $125 per protected appliance.

Which is why you don't buy one for your alarm clock. But a HDTV system
is high value.