Re: Why is Microsoft preventing itself from making HD revolution?

Well sorry about not noticing bits. Then a correction. The WMV HD is actually
1080p and not 1080i.
I would not call it bit-starved.
It is their certified HD stamped quality. So how can it be their certified
standard and by themselves called insuficient? And i think it should be very
satisfying to most people.
The wmv9 codec is very efficient and smooth running. It includes room for
menues. It is the "Divx of HD films" IMHO.
And wether M. wants it or no,t it will be used as such i think.
It is amazing that they do not want a piece of the cake. Most people have DVD
drives and they are much cheaper than the HDCP restricted DVDR and Blueray.

I think that HD video can look decent at 8-9Mbps, just like regular DVD can look
good at 3.5-4Mbps. It all depends on the quality of the codec used. There's no
reason that HD won't look significantly better than DVD even at only double the