Re: Why is Microsoft preventing itself from making HD revolution?

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Den 14.02.2007 kl. 02:10 skrev R Sweeney <DockScience@xxxxxxxxx>:

HD-DVD uses the same codec to do an 1080 movie in 30GB

2 hours of "HD" in 9 GB is going to be over-compressed and uglier

Microsoft claims 1080i needs up to 30mb/sec for full resolution using the
Are you serious?
30mb/sec would give 108 Gigabyte per hour!! So 2 hours would give 216
Gigabyte!! Not even a blueray laser does have room for that fantasy of a
We can forget those fantasies and stick to reality.

The case is that Microsoft HAS MADE HD-FILMS and they have very good
The one that is on my table is THE LIVING SEA produced by MacGillivRay
Freeman Films. Indeed HD quality.

wmv9 is a very eficient MPEG4 encoding. The best according to my point of
wiev. It has menues like ordinary DVD's everything first class. A very
smooth floating film codec. the smoothest IMHO. No jerks like many codecs
It is top notch.
The HD film is top notch, Bearing the WMV HD logo.
In the 1080i film on the DVD we have 39:33 minutes of film. The supreme
wmv9 codec can show this in full quality using a bitrate of 8469 kilobits
per sec. The total of this film is 2.29 Gigabyte.
A calculation gives us:
3.474 gigabytes per hour!! In top notch quality here on my desk.

But Microsoft throws it all away in the DRM-bin.

didn't notice the capital B vs the lower case b did you?
Bytes vs bits... a factor of 8
30mb/sec gives 27GB for 2 hrs
which "coincidentally" is 3GB short of the dual layer HD-DVD capacity

The Microsoft WMV codec (aka AV1) website indicates that up to 30mb/sec is
needed for full res.
You are watching bit-starved HD @ 8mb/sec

"Top notch", unless you have seen it at higher bit rates.