Re: Audio not working in HDMI cable

On Feb 9, 10:56 am, "Bui" <bui...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have HDTV connect to DVD player through HDMI cable. Audio, video
used to work fine for about 2 months. Now audio doesn't work, video is
ok. When i connect through component cable, audio/video works ok.
Seems HMDI audio portion is broken. Anybody has this experience. HDMI
cable was from NextTech .got from circuitcity for $50 which also
included a surge protector and cleaning solution.

Just a suggestion, my DVD/ surround system has a menu option which you
can choose to have audio through the HDMI cable or not. You might want
to check if your DVD player has that same option, it might have
inadverdently gotten turned off.
Also eliminate the surge protector and see if that was the problem.