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I appareciate your rebuttals, but have a bit more to say....

[snipped 880 stuff]

The on-line programming is easy. There are a few steps when programming
activities that may not be intuitively clear until you actually stop to
think about them, but they're simple enough. There are lots of sources of
info on the web to help.

Maybe if all you want to do is to get the basic commands... turn on
TV, turn on one source box..

I have a 520, which is probably programmed the same as the other Harmony
remotes. It currently controls the HDTV, two video disk recorders, two
VCRs, and a DVD player. It had to be "taught" several commands (e.g.
volume up/down while playing a DVD) in several modes and I never had a
conflict among them.

My wife loves having a single remote to replace the six that are now in
a basket under the coffee table.

I agree with that. The Harmony replaces 5 individual remotes (TV,
HR20, HR10, DirecTivo, and DVD player) and once programmed, does a
good job. But the on-line programming makes it a crap shoot. Once
programmed, tho, the remote (other than having buttons too close
together) does a good job of controlling things. I much prefer using
it to using the individual remotes. Still, $300 list is a lot for
anyone to pay without being sure they like the unit first. That's why
in my original post I said I wouldn't recommend one to anyone who
didn't have the opportunity to try it out first.
Charlie Hoffpauir