Re: Bulb life & after market warranties

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Well, my Warrantech 2-bulb, 3-year warranty just got itself paid for.
Ordered a new bulb from them and still have over a year to go for the
2nd bulb to fail.

Cost was $99, $100 less than just one bulb.

It appears that I'm getting around 8+ months out of a bulb with my
watching habit.


Sounds like it's working out well for you. I got 2300 hours on my first
bulb, (replaced under factory warrantee) but my second one seems much
better. It is over 3100 hours now and is as bright as ever. My first one
started to fade at maybe 1500 hours. So it looks like the newer lamps may be
good for something like their rated 6000 hours. I keep a spare on hand just
in case

I've not noticed any fade in mine, but I did get the 'change' error

FWIW, our 50" Samsung DLP (Dec '03) is over 6000 hrs on the original
bulb and light engine.