Years without Cable.

Wayyy back when we first moved to this location.. I installed a C-Band
BUG. BUG = Big Ugly Dish.
We had OTA, C-Band, and Cable. This was far enough back I was able to
get the networks off C-Band and it was before digital. After one week
of watching the three I called the cable company and told them to
disconnect it. (quality was really poor) Not long afterwards I took
down the OTA antennas. The C-band signal was far superior to any of
the others. BTW I did get the Ku signals as well.

However as time went by, digital arrived on the scene and I found more
and more stations were moving to the small dish. As the number of
subscribers went down the price kept going up. I looked at the DISH
network and decided to give them a try. I was happy with what they had
to offer, but as the local stations would not let me have a wavier to
receive the networks on DISH (even though I was already receiving them
on C-Band) I kept the networks on C-band. Still no outside antennas
and no cable. Those network stations were getting *expensive*.

As HD had become more widely available I purchased a set and added HD
to my DISH subscription. I also added two outside TV antennas as the
"local" stations (out to about 100-120 miles) were all adding digital
(except Fox 66).

We did not have cable for many years but I was paying a fortune for
DSL when the cable supplier in this area FINALLY added Internet
access. Soooo... I went with basic cable and 5 Meg Internet access.
Were it not for the Internet we'd still not have cable.

We use cable for the Internet and to see what the local government is
doing on the public channels. OTOA HD has by far the best quality
displays even if the networks have the poorest programming. But...we
watch the local news and my wife watches "Desperate Housewives". Maybe
she's trying to tell me something? However the majority of our
watching still comes off the DISH network. National Geographic,
Discovery, Sci-Fi (although when they put pro wrestling on sci-fi I
was really disappointed although it may be and appropriate channel<g>)
Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
(N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)