Re: 1920 x 1080p, the new breed of displays

Dave Oldridge wrote:

Sam Spade <Sam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Wayne wrote:

Which means that when the new DVDs appear, those who want full
resolution will have to buy again. I wonder if the flat-screen mnfrs
have provided some kind of plug-in capability, i.e. buy an upgrade,
plug-in module. The knowing market will be furious once they find
out that to display $35-45 discs at full resolution, new display
purchases will be necessasry.

I think the Hi Def DVDs will look so good on today's better HiDef sets
that no one will care about not having 1920 x 1080.

If they're being reduced to 560x960p, they may not look that much better than the standard model up-converted. We'll have to see. But I'm not sure I'd pay the extra for a DVD that is going to shut my player down to essentially line-doubled 480p instead of 1080i.

Apparently not all studios are going to do that to their discs, though.

I was speaking of full connectivity via HDMI and compliant HDCP (HCDP?)