Re: What LCD TV should I get for watching DVDs?

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I'm going to buy a 32 inch LCD TV. The primary reason being I live in
Manhatten and have a very small apartment!

I don't watch TV, in fact I won't be getting cable at all. But I do
watch a lot of DVDs. I'm flexible on budget. Will an expensive LCD TV
e.g. $2,000+ be any better at watching DVDs than a cheaper one e.g.
$1,500+ ? I am thinking of going for the latest Sony from Amazon for
about $1,600 but if I can spend more and get better DVD picture quality
then I'll pay the extra bucks.



You should be able to get a brand name Sharp, JVC, etc for less than that.
Check out J&R. They have a store in Manhattan; also B&H Photo-Video. For a
small apartment, you might want to look at some with the speakers on the
bottom. They will be narrower. You will save money by getting a model that
does not have all the built in tuners. Sony is not a big name in LCDs.